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The Tests

The Theory Test:

This is made up of two parts, the multiple choice part and the hazard perception test. You need to pass both parts at the same time in order to pass the theory test. There are fifty questions and to pass you must get a minimum of 43 correct.

Hazard Perception Test:

This part of the theory test consists of film-clips shown on a computer screen. Candidates click on the screen with a mouse as soon as they recognise a hazard. CD ROMs are available for the theory test and Hazard Perception testing, as well as covering The Highway Code and other publications.

The Practical Test:

This is designed for the candidate to demonstrate that they have reached the level of competence required to become a qualified driver. This is often a stressful thought, but it’s worth remembering that a good instructor will advise you to apply when you and they feel that you have reached a consistent level of driving.

Pass Plus:

This is a training scheme for new drivers. It is specially designed by the Drivers Standard Agency (DSA) to help you gain valuable experience of motorways, defensive driving, extreme weather conditions and much more. It is a minimum of 6 hours and there is no test. Newly qualified drivers with a Pass-Plus certificate can be eligible for cheaper car insurance.

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